You have come to my website seeking a deeper understanding about yourself and your life direction. Nothing clarifies that more explicitly than a reading of your horoscope by a competent astrologer. To help you determine the value of my teachings and my knowledge on the science of astrology, I have some free CD's for you. The links to download these 12 CD's are sent to you as you progress through the MYSTERY TOUR. It all begins with the order of your FREE HOROSCOPE #1 from the "Your Horoscope" page. Bear in mind that my teachings, even in this introductory material is cutting edge metaphysics and will stretch your belief patterns beyond your comfort zone. You will have to be a CHAMPION and a PIONEER to be able to relate to them. But then again, you have NOT come to my website to reinforce that which you already know. You have come here to EXPAND YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Your Higher Self has brought you to my website to take the next step forward in your evolution.

This is my gift to you....Keith Haswell WEBSITE: www.mysteryofsirius.com EMAIL: keith@mysteryofsirius.com

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